Our offer for climate protection

Renewable heat from local sources

This climate protection program promotes renewable heat from wood, environmental or waste heat and geothermal energy. This replaces fossil heating and saves CO2 in Europe.

Location: Switzerland, Germany, and other European countries in planning

Certification: ISO 14064-2:2019, validated and verified by DAkkS-accredited testing laboratory Verico

Product: certificates for CO2 compensation or verified contributions to climate protection in order to become climate positive or climate neutral.

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Wild Woods

The “Wild Woods” climate protection project takes forest areas in Baden-Württemberg out of use. As a result, the forest removes more CO2 from the atmosphere. In addition, this promotes biodiversity and water storage.

Location: Baden-Württemberg

Certification: ISO 14064-2, in validation and verification process

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Product: Certified contributions to climate protection to become climate positive or climate neutral.

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Swiss Heat 3a

The climate protection program “Swiss Heat 3a” promotes renewable heat from wood and waste heat. This replaces fossil heating systems.

Location: Switzerland

Certification: Swiss CO2 legislation

Product: certificates for legal CO2 compensation to make fuel imports climate neutral.

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The climate and soil protection program CO2-Land stores CO2 in the soil by building up humus. To this end, we work with farmers to implement appropriate agronomic measures.

Location: Germany

Certification: ISO 14064-:2:2019, in validation and verification.

Product: Verified contributions to climate and soil protection to become climate positive or climate neutral or soil protective.

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